Emerging from Denver, Colorado, Mlima is premier jazz-funk ensemble that has established itself in the forefront of the ever-emerging funk-dance scene in the Rocky Mountains. Originally a four-piece, the group has expanded to a septet comprised of guitarists Doug Litvak and Jeph Kennedy, saxophonist/vocalist Zach Simms, percussionist Jack Breitenbach, bassist Ryan Thrush, drummer Lance Croucher and keyboardist Chaz Levinson.

Since their arrival in 2012, Mlima has built an ardent local fan-base through a relentless live schedule, including headlining Denver’s Bluebird Theatre, and opening for such renowned acts as Praang, Shpongle, and The Disco Biscuits at Colorado’s very own Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. While the early years of the band saw an ever-changing cast of band members, they have established a permanent core of musicians who pride themselves on creating their own unique style and sound incorporating roots in jazz, funk, rock, soul, afro-beat and contemporary pop culture. This latest rendition of Mlima has the profound ability to get your booty shaking on the dance floor and connect to their audience through their contagious funk melodies.

Music is a force that brings all walks of life together, and it is just this that influenced the development of Mlima. With their music, Mlima strives to bridge the gap between the live music scene and the funky dance party, spreading love to the general populous through the power of audio bliss.